Journal of Research Analytica


Journal considers research reports, expert reviews, case reports, scientific letters and editorials for publication. Each publication will be peer-reviewed and publish upon acceptance of Editor. Authors can utilize our high quality "HISTOBOX" service, a virtual slide developing software for high resolution and visibility of their images.

Article Preparation


  1. Authors are requested to refer the ICMJE Guidelines to prepare the manuscripts. Journal of Food Science and Nutraceuticals is a member of ICMJE therefore; authors are requested to follow the guidelines and code of conduct also
  2. Below are the mandatory to submit manuscript, therefore, corresponding authors are responsible to make sure that the submission is complete.
  3. A cover letter is mandatory for all the publications and required to state that their material is original and not published anywhere else. The cover letter should be addressed to Editor-in-Chief.
  4. For all original articles, reviews, case reports, case series reports Abstract and keywords are mandatory. For original research reports abstracts must be included with Objective, methods, results and conclusion.
  5. Authors should use the MeSH (Medical subject headings list of index medicus) catalogue to present their keywords.
  6. All the submissions should be sent as an e-mail attachment to the editorial office as a word document (.doc or .dox) or PDF format.
  7. There is no word limit for original papers and reviews. But there is a limitation for editorials and letters (500-1000 words).
  8. Authors should provide their complete information including affiliation, designation and physical address (personal or professional), e-mail contacts and fax and telephone.


Authorship and Correspondence

All the authors are requested to provide a clear statement potential conflict of interest in any manner such as financial, personal, commercial and relationship with others/institutions, etc. Authors may include their contributions in work (design, data collection, execution and so on) and preparation of the manuscript. All authors are of the manuscript must agreed to submit the paper and responsible for its content and subsequent revisions. Corresponding author is responsible for matter related to the paper and its co-authors (editor/publisher never involve in author disputes).

Graphical Abstract

To draw the attention of the readers, we encourage submission of graphical abstracts for publication. The graphical abstract should summarize/ precise the contents of the article and in a pictorial form with a caption that describes the whole picture (Not more than 50 words). Authors required submitting high quality image in a separate file in TIF or PDF or Office file formats.


For research articles, analytical reviews and case studies authors may provide HIGHLIGHTS of the paper (Not more than 5 bullet points). Authors may include key findings of the paper but each point should not be more than 10 words.

Nomenclatures and measurements


  1. Scientific measurements should be expressed in SI units throughout the submission.
  2. Binomial nomenclature is recommended to present microorganisms/strains.
  3. For gene sequences or amino acid sequences accession (deposited in GeneBank/DDBJ) number must be included.



Use only standard abbreviations are highly recommended, personal/non standard abbreviations not accepted for inclusion in the paper. Title should not contain any abbreviations.

Animal or Human Subjects

A clear statement on ethical issues in clinical and animal research must be provided and patient confidentiality issues, conflict of interests must be indicated. If human/animal subjects are involved in the experiment, an approval should be obtained from Institutional/university/national ethical committee, an approval number/register number must be included.

Figures and Tables

Figures and tables should be provided in separate files. Each figure or table should be provided with a legend. Figures should be in appropriate size and in .gif nd or .jpg format. Figures and tables information should be provided in text. Photographs and drawings will not be accepted for publications

Supplement information

All Supplement information or appendix should be provided in a separate file (doc or PDF) and the supplement information will be stated in the text.

Funding Support

Financial/funding support from University/institution or other government or private agencies must be indicated. Complete information along with the grant number should be included. Grantees from NIH/Welcome Trust may submit their final accepted PDFs for inclusion in PMC Public Access Repository.


Authors may acknowledge the support of individuals in the research, editing or review of the paper. This section should be separate and included at the end of the paper.



For first six author
Halpern SD, Ubel PA, Caplan AL. Solid-organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients. N Engl J Med. 2002 Jul 25;347 (4): 284-7.
More than six authors
Rose ME, Huerbin MB, Melick J, Marion DW, Palmer AM, Schiding JK, et al. Regulation of interstitial excitatory amino acid concentrations after cortical contusion injury. Brain Res. 2002;935(1-2):40-6.


Murray PR, Rosenthal KS, Kobayashi GS, Pfaller MA. Medical microbiology. 4th ed. St. Louis: Mosby; 2002.

Edited books

Breedlove GK, Schorfheide AM. Adolescent pregnancy. 2nd ed. Wieczorek RR, editor. White Plains (NY): March of Dimes Education Services; 2001.

Conference Proceedings

Websites/home pages

Harnden P, Joffe JK, Jones WG, editors. Germ cell tumours V. Proceedings of the 5th Germ Cell Tumour Conference; 2001 Sep 13-15; Leeds, UK. New York: Springer; 2002. Society for Personalized NanoMedicine (Internet) Florida: 2nd annual meeting report 2015.


Upon acceptance of an article, authors agreed to transfer the copyrights to the publisher under relevant license (Creative commons CC by 4.0) which allows distribution/reprint/reuse of the published work. The transfer of the copyrights includes all material (Eg Figures, tables, supplementary data sets, etc) to be published as a part of the article. Authors retain patent, trademark and other IP rights including original findings/data of their work.

Copyright Transfer

In certain cases, authors may use published material, in case of reproduction of any published material (part of text, figure, table, supplements etc), corresponding author is responsible for the copyright transfer. For works derived from the published content, permission must be obtained from the previous publisher and included in the paper, wherever, required. Authors make sure that the permissions submitted to the editor/editorial office before the manuscript gets published

Article Retraction

Honest errors are more common in science publication, but these errors should not affect the accuracy and scientific quality of the journal. Sometimes scientific misconduct and or an experimental methodology found to be not appropriate or plagiarized/copied. To keep up the journal publication quality and standards, editor follows an internationally accepted retraction policy. In case of high degree of debate occurred on published papers, letter to the editors will be published to exchange the matters.


Erratum provides correcting errors occurred at various production levels of the paper such as writing, editing, typesetting etc., of a published paper. In this section spelling and grammatical errors, errors in figures and table legends will be corrected. An erratum will be published in subsequent issue of the journal.


A list of errors in the paper submitted by the author(s) of the paper, these errors may not alter the results and conclusions of the published work. These errors include unit of measurements, fail to identify contaminations, misidentification of strains, authorship and author affiliations etc. Corresponding author need to send a notification letter (co-authors must be agreed) to the editorial office if any of these conditions occurred.


When authors are failing to observe the ethics or code of conduct may leads to retraction of the published paper. If the published work found to be plagiarized or the mythology is not appropriate the article may subjected to retracted. A clear notification will be published on the journal website that the respective manuscript has been retracted with evidence. The web link (URL) and the citation will be available on journal website.

Article Type Processing Fee
Research 700 USD
Review 500 USD
Short Communication/Commentary 400 USD
Letter to Editor 300 USD
Image 200 USD